Bright and Splashy Tankini Review


Today Isabelle and I will be reviewing the Bright and Splashy Tankini, which I got on my trip to the AG store. It costs $28 and comes with a two-piece bathing suit, sandals, a headband, and sunscreen. We’ll start with the tankini top.

DSCN0005 The pattern on the top is orange, white, and a purplish pink. There are two crossed orange elastics on the front of the top that are not sewn down and add decoration. On each shoulder are two more elastics for straps. The hem is orange and a bit wavy. 


In the right corner there is a clear American Girl tag found on almost all Truly Me clothes. This doesn’t bother me much, although it is a bit unnatural seeming on a bathing suit. The tag does seem removable, so you could take it off if it bothered you. 


 The crossed elastics do not continue to the back, as you can see. The top closes with cheap Velcro that doesn’t go all the way down, and the unsecured corner has a tendency to flip up. I don’t mind this, but others might.


 This suit reminds me of Lea’s from her mix-and-match beach set. Although it is a tankini, the top leaves a strip of skin visible, like Lea’s did. Unlike Lea’s, this suit is also looser below the crossed elastics, making it modest but not skintight. It doesn’t bother me incredibly, but I would like AG to make a modest tankini or even a one-piece like the one from Kanani’s collection. One thing I am annoyed with about the gap is that it lines up almost exactly with Isabelle’s body tag, making it nearly impossible to tuck it out of sight. I can tuck the end in so it isn’t loose, but it’s still visible. Also in this picture, you can see the bottoms.  They are just plain bikini bottoms, with an orange elastic waist and the same pattern as the top.


Next, the shoes. They are flip-flops with an extra strap around the heel. I was a bit disappointed with these, as they are made entirely of rubbery plastic. The straps are realistically textured, the shoes are easy to put on, and they don’t fall off, however, so I’m not too upset. Still, I would prefer better quality than a single piece of plastic.


 Moving on, we have the headband. It is two bands and is made of the same orange elastics that are on the bathing suit top. It can go on a doll’s head very easily and can actually hold hair back, unlike some of the plastic ones.


 Finally, we have the sunscreen. I am very happy it was included, because even dolls need sunscreen! The bottle itself is pale orange with a textured top. It is hard plastic and is not squeezable. The label is just a sticker and could probably be removed. The cap is also textured and can be screwed off. There’s even a hole in the bottle under the cap where the sunscreen would come out! Isabelle can hold the bottle, but not naturally. You have to kind of jam the bottle between her fingers, and even then it can be knocked away pretty easily, but it’s still great for a photo shoot or something.

 All in all, I really like this bathing suit. The colors seem bright and summery, and it seems well made, apart from the cheap Velcro. I also like all the accessories it came with, making it more worth the price. I think I would give it a four out of five stars due to the immodest gap and the plastic shoes. I cannot wait to do a beach photo shoot with it and Isabelle can’t wait for it to be warm enough to swim!

– Lola Bunny and Isabelle


One thought on “Bright and Splashy Tankini Review

  1. Hi, nice to meet you and welcome to the Doll Blog world. Cute swimsuit… it wasn’t on my radar. I like he bold colors. Isabelle looks great in everything!


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